iShare is an iPhone application. By using which user can serach and browse all the required important documents from the phone. It’s the world’s first iphone application.

It connects with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007.That connection provides you a secure and authenticated access to team, group & company that allows information like documents, lists, tasks, announcements and meeting collaboration.Services:



It provides different useful services such as:

1).Browsing: iShare Browse through the sites and provide access to the lists and the document liberaries.

2).Search: This feature of iShare allows you to search across all of the SharePoint.

3).Access Documents: iShare allow us to open and read documents of different formats i.e. word, acrobat, excel, powerpoint, PNG, GIF, JPEG etc.

4).Modification of List Items: It can create, delete and update the list items that can be tasks, calendar items New. And you can view Metadata in the documents.

5).Support: document libraries, custom lists,out-of-the box and large documents paging.

6).Quick Access: It provide multiple account access to different SharePoint sites.


Platforms & Technical Requirements:

1).Microsoft Office 2007

2).Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Online


For getting started you need to have:

·         URL address of a SharePoint site

·         Your domain

·         Username & password 

For SharePoint server requirements: 

  • SharePoint Server 2007 (WSS or MOSS or Sharepoint Online)
  • iPhone must be able to make a network connection to SharePoint server
  • http or https (https recommended for better security if not using VPN)
  • Windows Authentication or SharePoint Forms Authentication

Your iPhone needs to be:

  • Network connection (Wifi or Cellular) to your SharePoint server.
  • iPhone’s built-in VPN client to connect to your company network.


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