Capture SharePoint 2010 environment information

before upgrade to SharePoint 2013 Farm

In one of my previous post I mentioned how to clean the SharePoint 2010 web application before upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

In this post, I will explain what Information in required from SharePoint 2010 Farm during the SharePoint 2013 upgrade planning.

The following information need to be capture from your existing SharePoint 2010 Farm.

  • Number of web application
  • Number of Site collection under each web application
  • Number of sites
  • Number of databases and sizes
  • Number of users
  • Alternative access mapping setting
  • Web application settings (General settings, resource throttling settings, Permissions etc…)
  • Web Authentication provider and authentication mode that is being used
  • Managed Paths
  • Quota templates
  • SSL Certificates
  • Incoming and outgoing email settings
  • Self-service site settings
  • Customisation (solutions, Packages etc

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