Power Automate

Power Automate is a cloud-based service that allows users to automate workflows and streamline repetitive tasks across their favorite apps and services. It enables organisations to create automated workflows without the need for extensive coding, improving efficiency and productivity.

Key Features of Power Automate:

Visual Workflow Designers

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables users to create automated workflows visually, without the need for complex coding, making automation accessible to users with varying technical skills.


Extensive library of connectors to popular apps and services, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, and more, allowing users to easily integrate and automate tasks across different platforms.

Approval Workflows

Create automated approval workflows with built-in approval actions, allowing users to easily route documents, requests, and other items for review and approval, streamlining decision-making processes.

Monitoring and Analytics

Monitor the performance of automated workflows in real-time, track key metrics, and gain insights into workflow efficiency and effectiveness using built-in analytics and reporting tools.

Workflow Automation Made Simple

Power Automate enables you to achieve these goals by automating repetitive tasks and processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for more strategic activities. By automating routine tasks such as data entry, document approval, and notification workflows, Power Automate helps you improve productivity, reduce errors, and accelerate decision-making. With its user-friendly interface and powerful automation capabilities, Power Automate empowers users across your organisation to automate tasks and processes, driving operational efficiency and business agility.

Choose us for your Power Automate Consultancy Service

At KeaPoint, we specialise in helping organisations harness the full potential of Power Automate to streamline processes, improve productivity, and drive business growth. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to identify automation opportunities, design customised workflows, and implement automated solutions that deliver tangible results. Whether you’re looking to automate routine tasks, streamline approval processes, or integrate disparate systems, KeaPoint has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

With our proven methodology and commitment to excellence, KeaPoint is your trusted partner for Power Automate consultancy, helping you unlock new efficiencies and achieve your business objectives.

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