Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Our specialisation lies in seamless Migrations Services for Microsoft 365. Collaborate with our team to efficiently migrate Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange Online for your organisation.

Seamless and Stress-Free Migrations with Keapoint:

Unlock the power of digital transformation with KeaPoint’s comprehensive migration services. Our proven methodologies and expert guidance ensure a smooth transition, whether you’re migrating a single application or embarking on a wide-ranging digital transformation project. Explore the range of our migration capabilities below:

SharePoint Upgrades

Upgrade your SharePoint environment from previous legacy versions to SharePoint Online or the newest on-premises version, leveraging our expertise to ensure a seamless transition.

On-Premises Environments to Microsoft 365:

Transition from on-premise environments, including legacy Microsoft Office apps, to the versatile and secure cloud solutions offered by Microsoft 365, empowering your business with enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

Tenant to Tenant Migration

Consolidate your organisation's various components by migrating data, domains, configurations, email accounts, and more into a single tenant, minimising disruption to business operations.

Modern Workplace Migrations

Modernise your workplace with Microsoft's productivity solutions tailored for hybrid working, including Teams and SharePoint. Backed by enterprise security and managed desktop capabilities, our modern workplace migrations empower your team to collaborate effectively and adapt to evolving work environments.

Archive, Email, and Exchange to Exchange Online

Effortlessly migrate email, calendar data, and archives from various platforms to Exchange Online or a hybrid environment, ensuring uninterrupted communication and data accessibility for your team.

File Share to OneDrive

Move away from third-party file-sharing solutions to the integrated, collaborative features of OneDrive, streamlining access to files and fostering enhanced teamwork and productivity.

Why Migration Services Matter?

Migration services play a crucial role in driving digital transformation and enabling businesses to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. By migrating to modern, cloud-based solutions, organizations can enhance collaboration, productivity, and agility, while reducing IT overhead and improving scalability. With the right migration strategy and execution, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation, positioning themselves for long-term success.

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