How to block sandbox solution on SharePoint 2010 farm

In sharepoint 2010 we can upload and activate sandbox solutions. Although the sandbox solutions can slow down the page system pages execution of cause an error on page. The administrator has the ability to block the sandbox solution for a particular SharePoint 2010 farm. Once the solution is blocked it can’t be activated by any user and prompt will an error message.

For testing I create a sandbox solution and called it “sandbox 1.wsp”.

Now go to the PowerShell command line and type the following commands.

$UserCodeSvc = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPUserCodeService]::Local
$Signature = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPUserCodeService]::
$BlockedSolution = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.UserCode.SPBlockedSolution
-ArgumentList ($SolutionName), ($Signature), ("Solution Blocked")

Now go to the central admin> System settings> manage user solutions, you will see that “sandbox1.wsp” is in the blocked solution list.

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