Office 365, the right solution for your business?

you are a small business and you are wondering if Office 365 the solution for your businesses? The short answer is yes. Office 365 could help your employees work together in new and more efficient ways. Office 365  not only provide you set of tool. It instead introduces the new way of working. Below are some reasons small business owners should consider using Office 365.

Are you look to implement Office 365 in your organisation and don’t know where to start? Our experienced consultants can help you with the initial setup and can assist you going forward.

No downtime

If a fire or flood ruin your system crashes or the office building, you are stuck. You have no servers, website or even no data. Statistics collected in 2015 by the Institute for Business (U.S) and Home Safety showed that 25% of small businesses never reopen following a major disaster. If all employees send the data to the cloud, all your business documents and applications, such as email, will always available. You will face no downtime, no matter what happens.

Data security

Office 365 has built-in security features so small businesses can focus on the other essential things. You always know where your data reside and who has access to it. Storing your data online also keeps it safe from any disaster.

Office 365 has many built in security features to keep your company’s data safe. Some of them are listed below.

Better Collaboration Process

Office 365 makes it simple for multiple team members to co-author the same document. The real-time document editing and formatting ability enhances the collaboration process for small businesses. The days of emailing huge files and also worrying about file version control are now a problem of the past. The Office 365 also makes it easier to share any documents with clients at all stages of the production process. The members can also take advantage of the Skype for Business tool to chat with each other throughout all stages of project planning and implementation.

Get Things Organised

The day to day activities like Meetings, email and contact management is a big part small business. When you use Office 365 features like email, calendar and contacts. You can sync files to OneDrive on your Pc and can work offline. That is a cool feature to help small businesses get the most out of Office 365. You can also access the same data from anywhere and from any device.

Access anywhere at anytime

Working away from the office is handy for small business employees. In most cases, you needed help from an IT friend to set up a Virtual Private Network so that you could access your office data and files. With Office 365, you don’t need any unique configuration or IT skills. You only need an internet connection and login to your office 365 environment, and you can start working. Isn’t it simple?

Control Monthly cost

This one is perfect for small businesses. Office 365 has a flexible monthly billing process that lets the organisation increase or decreases the number of users to suit their needs. You never locked into any contract, and you can change plans at any time to satisfy your business growth. Since you don’t need to worry about upfront costs, it will be easier to fit this subscription into your monthly budget.

Licensing is Straightforward

Keeping an eye on software licenses and renewal can be a real headache for a small business owner. Also making sure that all the employees are using the same version of the software can be challenging. The Office 365 includes all licensing, and it can be consistent company-wide. That means everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office and other tools. Office 365 will make sure that all users get software upgrades at the same time.

Huge Mailbox storage

Let’s face it. The employee never want to get rid of old email, at least for some years. Sometimes we encourage them to clean it up, but most of the time they end up keeping every single email they have ever sent or received. With Office 365, you can say hello to 50GB of email storage space and goodbye to conventional way of email inbox clearing requests from IT.

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