SharePoint 2013 web application SSL binding

Imagine you have created two SharePoint 2013 web applications. They are hosted on same web front end server with default post 80.The web applications URL’s are something like and You want to enable SSL on both web applications and have wildcard SSL certificate (*

 I came across this scenario during a project where I need to do SSL binding for Intranet site and my sites web applications.  I have tried it with normal process. I opened the IIS 7 manager, clicked on the web site and then under the actions menu “bindings” option, provided the binding details and clicked OK. I then repeated the same steps for As a result it eventually drops the SSL certificate binding for the I tried again on which then drops the binding for

Go to front end web server where the web applications are hosted

Open command prompt

Navigate to the AppCmd.exe  physical directory 


Run the following command for each web application to do SSL binding

//command to run
appcmd set site /" Site name as appear in IIS" /+bindings.[protocol='https',bindingInformation='*]

After this you can run the following Windows PowerShell command to get the binding details for a particular web application

Get-WebBinding  ‘Site Name as appear in IIS '

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