SharePoint 2013 Workflow manager

installation on single server Dev Farm

The installation of workflow manager for development environment can be done on single server SharePoint 2013 farm, but it is highly recommended to install it on separate server for UAT and production environments.

You need local admin rights on the server where you will install the Workflow manager.

Please make sure that Visual studio 2012 Instance is not running and all devenv.exe processes are closed.

Make sure that you have Visual studio Update 2 installed

Navigate to and download and download Microsoft Web Platform installer 4.5 (If you don’t have already installed)

Install Microsoft Web Platform installer 4.5

Launch the Microsoft Web Platform installer 4.5

In the top right corner search box, enter “workflow manager”, you will see the following results

Click “Add” button to the following items

Workflow Manager 1.0 Cumulative Update 1

Workflow Manager Tools 1.o for Visual Studio 2012

Workflow Manager 1.0 

You can view the” Item to be installed” to make sure that you have added the right items

Click “Close” , it will take you ro the previous screen

Click “Install” button

Press “I Accept” button and the workflow manager instalaltion process will start

After  some time you will see the following screen

Fill the below information according to your environment and press Click next arrow button.

You will see the summary page, Press “Check” button and workflow manager configuration wizard will be started

Once the Configuration process is completed, you will see the last screen

Once the installation completes go to IIS 7 manager and start the “Worklfow Management Site”, if not started.

Create a site colleciton in sharpoint and register Wrokflow service with it using powershell command

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite “SharePoint site collection url” -workflowHostUri “workflow host site url with port” –AllowOAuthHttp

Workflow Manager communicates by using TCP/IP or Named Pipes. Make sure that the appropriate communication protocol is enabled on the SQL Server instance that hosts the Workflow Manager databases.

The SQL Browser Service must be running on the SQL Server instance that hosts the Workflow Manager databases.

Welcome to SharePoint 2013, the new way of  building workflows Laughing


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