If you have a custom view on document library where you need to show the each file name with extension. This is fairly simple and can be done this way.

  • Open your document library view in SharePoint designer and follow these steps
  • Open your web site the SharePoint designer
  • Go to you document library and open the yourviewname.aspx file in design view.
  • Select the WebPartPages:ListViewWebPart control
  • Right click on WebPartPages:ListViewWebPart control and select “Convert to XSLT data View”
  • Right click on the column where you want to show file extension and select “Insert formula”
  • In the right hand box delete the existing entry and insert @FileLeafRef
  • Click “Save” on the SharePoint designer ribbon.
  • Refresh the document library and now you will see the document name with extension in the new column.

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