Simple SharePoint hosted App “User Location Tracker”

You can follow the below steps to get user location information inside your SharePoint hosted app.

Create a “SharePoint Host App” project in visual studio 2013

Replace app.js contents with below code

jQuery.ajax ( {

url: ‘//’,

type: ‘ POST ‘,

dataType: ‘ jsonp ‘,

success: function (location) {

jQuery(‘ #city ‘) .html ( );

jQuery( ‘#region-code’ ).html( location.region_code );

jQuery( ‘#region-name’ ) .html( location.region_name ) ;

jQuery( ‘#ip’ ).html( location.ip );

jQuery( ‘#longitude’ ) .html ( location.longitude );

jQuery( ‘#latitude ‘ ) .html ( location.latitude );

jQuery( ‘#country-name’ ) .html ( location.country_name );

jQuery( ‘#country-code’ ).html(l ocation.country_code );



On default.aspx page replace the “PlaceHolderMain” control with the following code

<asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderID=”PlaceHolderMain” runat=”server”>

<label for=”city”>City: </label><label id=”city”></label> <br />

<label for=”country-name”>Country: </label><label id=”country-name”></label> <br />

<label for=”country-code”>Country code: </label><label id=”country-code”></label> <br />

<label for=”region-name”>Region: </label><label id=”region-name”></label> <br />

<label for=”region-code”>Region code: </label><label id=”region-code”></label> <br />

<label for=”latitude”>Latitude: </label><label id=”latitude”></label> <br />

<label for=”longitude”>longitude: </label><label id=”longitude”></label> <br />

<label for=”ip”>IP address: </label><label id=”ip”></label> <br />


Press F5 and see the magic 

My Results

A user from London Office

 A user from Amsterdam office 

This is just the basic user location specific information I have managed to get using free web service. Now you can use this information to drive user experience in you SharePoint environment. Good luck!

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