How to get list of all site owners in SharePoint web application

We are implementing governance in place for our SharePoint environment, during the analysis  we need to find out who is the site owner for each site in our SharePoint web applications,  we have about 500 sites and it will be  time consuming to go to

How to display list data in SharePoint 2010 chart web part

In this exercise I will show you how to use the Chart Web Part to provide a simple way to provide charts on a Web Part page so that users can visualize data in native lists within a SharePoint site as well as external lists

How to configure PerformancePoint service in sharepoint 2010

Today I will show you how to configure PerformancePoint service in SharePoint 2010. The PerformancePoint service is integrated in sharepoint 2010 environment. The PerformancePoint service is sharepoint 2010 enterprise feature, as long as you have enterprise feature switched on the PerformancePoint service will be available.

Customize the sharepoint 2010 site top menu

How to hide SharePoint 2010 root node from menu, how to change TopNavigationDataSource setting on master page. To do this you need to do some changes in your site master page. Open you site master page in SharePoint designer Need to delete delegate wrapper code

Add all authenticated users to sharepoint security group programmatically

One of the projects I came across a scenario where I need to pre populate custom security groups with “All authenticated Users”. I have wrote a code and run it as a part of the feature receiver. If you have a security group with read

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