Programmatically show processing screen in SharePoint 2010

Some time when writing a custom solution in SharePoint which takes some time to process, it is nice to show end user some message screen saying something like “Please wait we are dealing with your request”. In SharePoint 2010 this functionality is available out of

Get SharePoint Webpart Usage Report

  During an extranet migration to office 365 we need to find out a custom content editor webpart usage.  That web part was used in many location that I would be waste of time to find all the references. I decided to write a query

Avoid password prompt while open a document in SharePoint

To make SharePoint site a trusted site in order to avoid multiple logon prompts while opening or downloading a document, these following changes are required on client pc. 1. Open Internet Explorer 2. Log on to the site http://SharepointSiteCollectionURL/  or simply copy and paste this

Custom rich text editor styles for Content editor web part

  I received a request from business to restrict site editor not to use OOTB fonts and styles while they edit the contents of “Content editor web part” in SharePoint 2010. This is nice to have if you want consistent look and feel across the

SharePoint 2010 library “New Document” option is greyed out

 We have upgraded a SharePoint intranet site form SharePoint 2007 to 2010. While I was fixing the minor issues in new site I came across this issue. I could not create any document in document library because the “New Document” option was greyed out in

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