SharePoint Hosted App to retrieve local weather information

In one of my previous post I explained how to get current user locale information like city, country, latitude, longitude, IP address using SharePoint hosted app. In this post, I have taken one further step to get the weather information of current logged in user’s

Missing user profile picture after updating mysite host URL in SharePoint 2013

Recently I had to change mysite host URL in one of our environment. After I update my site hots URL and ran full user profile sync. Everything was working fine until I noticed that user images are not appearing inside user profiles. I have started

Simple SharePoint hosted App “User Location Tracker”

You can follow the below steps to get user location information inside your SharePoint hosted app. Create a “SharePoint Host App” project in visual studio 2013 Replace app.js contents with below code jQuery.ajax({ url: '//freegeoip.net/json/', type: 'POST', dataType: 'jsonp', success: function (location) { jQuery('#city').html(location.city); jQuery('#region-code').html(location.region_code);

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