Using join with CAML in SharePoint development

You can use the SPQuery.Join property in CAML to querying SharePoint lists data.   The each join is represented by a join element (which is child of Joins element). You can use joins to join multiple lists or use multiple joins to the same list.

How to setup auto site deletion feature of SharePoint 2010

Step by step procedure to set SharePoint up to automatically cleans out unused sites: Step # 1: Central admin   navigates to    Application Management —–> Site Collections ——> Confirm site use and deletion  Step # 2: Choose Web Application  to be used for setup auto site deletion. For

SharePoint 2010 Server Name and Alternate Access mapping

The “Server Name” mapping and “Alternate Access” mapping are two features of SharePoint which provides to alter the URL’s returned in search results. A very common practice is used by different companies is “Internal” and “External” users. These both OOTB features are available in SharePoint

Create meeting workspace pages programmatically in SharePoint

You can add meeting workspaces pages with the SharePoint UI and also manage them. It is also possible that you can create workspace pages programmatically. Here is the code to do this. Add the following references using Microsoft.SharePoint; using Microsoft.SharePoint.Meetings; //Code: string url = SPContext.Current.Site.Url;

Web analytics service application provisioning in SharePoint 2010

Hi, I am going to show you that how to provision web analytics service application in SharePoint 2010. To accomplish this task you need to follow these steps 1.   Open SharePoint 2010 “Central Administration” site. 2.   Under “Application Management” select “Manage service applications”.   3.  

Activate hidden Site Directory template in SharePoint 2010

If you are working with SharePoint 2010 enterprise features, You probably know that the Site Directory template is missing, The site directory is hidden because of compatibility issue while upgrading between SharePoint 2007 to 2010. I will show you the workaround to enable it. 1.  

Installing collaboration portal template in SharePoint 2010

Today I am going to show you how to install Collaboration Portal template in SharePoint 2010. This template is part of SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. Unfortunately in SharePoint 2010 this template has been removed. There are several templates that have been removed in SharePoint 2010,

SharePoint 2010 Web Analytics web part

We have many out of the box web parts in SharePoint 2010; one of them is “Web analytics” web part. It is always good to know about your site traffic and analytics report. The web analytics web part makes it easier; all you need to

Send email using SPUtility in SharePoint 2010

Sending email is a key function of enterprises solutions. Inside SharePoint collaboration environment you always need to send email from within SharePoint. For this purpose you can use SPUtility class SendEmail method. Below is a simple example code for sending email using SPUtility. Add namespace

Master page fly out quick launch menu in SharePoint

It is very simple to modify the appearance of “Quick launch” by setting attributes of master page. You can change attributes to collapse the menu view to heading and the fly out menu will be used to show subordinate menu items. The menu control is

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